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Pharmawebs is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information about health care sector in GCC countries with a special emphasis given to the pharma field. We also aim to bring about enhanced professional co-operation among those who are engaged in the health care business by providing an array of services including

  • A complete, online, up-to-date drug-index for GCC countries.
  • Job portal for pharmacists and other professionals.
  • A "who-is-who-and-where" index for Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Wholesalers, Hospitals & clinics, Doctors, Pharmacists, Medical & sales representatives and medical insurance companies.
  • Providing assistance to procure difficult-to-get medicines, exchanging or selling of slow-moving medicines etc.
  • A free, online study room for pharmacists and aspiring-to-be-pharmacists for qualifying the professional registration exams in GCC countries.

If you are a medical professional working in any of the GCC countries, please register in Pharmawebs and enjoy the services it offers. Even otherwise you will still find it vastly informative about the current health care scenario in GCC countries.

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